2017 Healy Quality Assessment Report

Multibeam System: 

TheUSCGC Healyis equipped with a Kongsberg MaritimeEM122(12kHz)deepwater multibeam echosounderutilizingboth a Seapath 330+ (primary) and Applanix POS/MV(secondary) positioning and attitude referencesystems. This report describes the procedures and results from a review of system geometry, geometric calibrations(‘patch tests’),vessel noise testing, swath accuracy assessment, and swath coverageanalysis conductedduring cruise HE17TA (May 16-20, 2017)off the coast of Washington.

Healy 2014 Acoustic Test Report

Gates Acoustic Services was tasked by SCRIPPS Institute of Oceanography to investigate and quantify acoustic issues associated with operation of the USCGC HEALY (WAGBG20). An at-sea investigation was accomplished during ship operations in deep water out of Nome, Alaska on August 13-24, 2014.

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