Kilo Moana 2012 Quality Assurance Report


The point of the QAT visit was to help the host institution in developing protocols and practices that are conducive to the acquisition of high quality multibeam data. Even with a finely tuned and calibrated survey system, it is still possible to collect poor quality data through poor choice of operational system parameters, etc. Software tools to aid in this regard were deployed and documentation was prepared that can help return the system to a healthy configuration such that the institution can recover from a sub-optimal system configuration.

NOAA Patch Test Documentation

NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey directs field programs for ship- and shore-based hydrographic survey units; develops hydrographic survey specifications; conducts technological development and application programs to increase efficiency in survey data acquisition, data processing, and chart production; and carries out research to develop techniques and methods for accomplishing these objectives.
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Tool: Sound Velocity Profile (SVP) Editor [v.1.0.2] [Deprecated]

This tool is no longer supported by the MAC, please use the SSP Library & Manager


SVP Editor requires the installation of three components:
1. Python2.6, along with a small set of additional python modules.
2. The SVP Editor source code and supporting libraries.
3. The World Ocean Atlas of 2009 (WOA09) data set, available online from the National Oceanographic Data Center. Also available at the UNH/CCOM FTP site as a single .zip file.

MAC Help Desk

The MAC operates a Help Desk to address questions and/or operational issues associated with MB sonars in the US Academic Research Fleet.

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Cookbook: MB Processing with Caris

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