NOAA Ship Ruben Lasker ME70 Integration Testing

Executive Summary

The purpose of Coast Survey’s participation in this cruise was to verify the installation and configuration
of the ME70 and ancillary systems; validate the current Hypack implementation of the ME70 bottom
detection code; and provide operational guidance to the future operators of this system. The transit
from San Diego, CA to Neah Bay, WA offered an opportunity to test this system without interfering with
other planned science objectives. While we have used the Multibeam Sonar Acceptance Procedures as
a framework for this analysis, the tests and analysis contained in this report were opportunistic and do
not constitute system acceptance work for routine hydrographic survey work as outlined in the
Hydrographic Surveys Division Technical Directive on configuration management.
Significant progress was made during this cruise to ready the ship for anticipated mapping work in the
fall of 2016. The recommendations outlined below should be addressed prior to this work.

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