2022 Kilo Moana EM122/EM710 QAT Report

Vessel ID: R/V Kilo MoanaMultibeam System: EM122/EM710Dates: May 22, 2022 R/V Kilo Moana conducted pre-season Quality Assurance Testing for the EM122 and EM710 multibeam mapping systems, following a series of POS MV troubleshooting steps and a dry dock maintenance period Pre- and post-shipyard noise testing indicated stable/acceptable noise levels and no damage in the shipyard A multibeam sensor geometry review and POS MV GAMS antenna calibration proceeded normally prior to geometric calibrations (‘patch tests’) at proven sites off Oahu (used previously by multiple vessels) Calibration adjustments were reasonably small and applied after data collection Swath coverage was assessed for the EM122 using transit data, indicating trends similar to previous years Swath artifacts were noted for each system, which may be addressed by software/firmware updates and some runtime setting adjustments; the MAC is available to review additional data to try to identify the root causes Following the 2022 QAT, the MAC