2024 R/V Revelle EM712/EM124 QAT

Cruise ID: RR2401 Multibeam System: EM712/EM124 Dates: February 12, 2024 During the winter 2023-24 maintenance period, the R/V Roger Revelle (RR) underwent significant engine work and received a new Seapath 380 receiver and HMI (the MRU 5+ and antennas were not modified) The Multibeam Advisory Committee (MAC) was asked to assist with routine Quality Assurance Testing (QAT) for the ship’s multibeam echosounders; due to scheduling conflicts, the MAC provided remote support for planning and data analysis leading up to and throughout the QAT Planning followed the standard MAC SAT/QAT checklist, starting with configuration review, hardware health, and noise testing following the engine work; calibrations for both systems were carried out at proven sites near San Diego used by a variety of vessels (e.g., 2023 Sally Ride EM124 and EM712 QAT) Dockside configuration reviews indicated a rollback to outdated offsets for the EM124 (e.g., potentially by loading an older PU parameters