The Multibeam Advisory Committee (MAC) is a community-based effort with the goal of ensuring consistent high-quality multibeam data are collected across the U.S. Academic Research Fleet. Our strategy is to create a community of stakeholders including representatives from operating institutions, funding agencies, and key outside experts from the user and technical/engineering communities that can assist in providing guidance on a broad array of multibeam issues.

While MAC technical team activities are currently focused on deep water systems in the US Academic Research Fleet, the MAC recognizes that the community of stakeholders also includes operators and users of shallow-water systems. One of our primary goals is to facilitate the exchange of technical knowledge to promote the optimal performance of multibeam sonar systems used throughout the US Academic Research Community. We welcome contributions of technical information, best practice guidelines, lessons learned, and will do our best to provide provide suggestions and guidance wherever we can.

The Multibeam Advisory Committee (MAC) was established in Fall 2011. It is co-chaired by: Vicki Ferrini (LDEO) and Paul Johnson (UNH).

Please contact us at mac-help@unols.org with questions, comments, suggestions, or to contribute technical resources or visit the Ocean Mapping Community Wiki on GitHub.

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