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Atlantis Seapath Test 2019

Multibeam System:




Executive Summary:

  1. R/V Atlantis EM122 multibeam data includes intermittent depth artifacts across the swath that do not appear to be correlated with roll, pitch, sound speed, latency, or other sensor integration errors. These were first brought to the attention of the Multibeam Advisory Committee (MAC) in late 2016, beginning a process of investigation to better define the problem and rule out a variety of potential causes.


Atlantis 2011 Acoustic Test Report

The acoustic signature of R/V ATLANTIS was successfully measured during this acoustic test. The levels of the EM 122 were controlled by a combination of flow noise and gondola cavitation. Higher sea state data was also influenced by bubble sweepdown effects.

The general acoustic levels of ATLANTIS with the new gondola mounted EM 122 sonar system were good and should produce excellent bathymetric data results:

  • At low speeds (from DIW to 350 RPM), sonar levels were controlled by a combination of sea‐state and local machinery.


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