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Falkor Fall 2014 Quality Assessment Report

The EM302 and EM710 multibeams were successfully calibrated and verified for use with both the loaner Seapath MRU and the new POS MV. Angular offsets were small except for the roll bias for both the EM710 and EM302. As both multibeam systems have the same large roll bias, it is likely the result of a shift in the mounting angle of the MRU. Both SIS acquisition systems have been updated with the new calibration results.

Falkor Spring 2014 Quality Assessment Report

The transducer impedances are similar to baseline measurements in 2012 and with those taken in 2013. Transducer conditions, based on these tests, are acceptable and there is no sign of degradation of the transducer arrays.

Noise levels for the EM710 remain unchanged and very low. Noise levels for the EM302 have increased at higher speeds though they remain low when the ship is stationary in the water, suggesting that the increase is associated with flow noise and/or the propulsion system.

Falkor 2013 Multibeam Echosounder System Review

The transducer impedances are similar to baseline measurements with exception of the EM710 transducer impedances. This latter potential issue is being examined with the manufacturer but we do not feel, after consultation with the manufacturer, that there is any cause for concern. Noise levels have not changed significantly since the 2012 trials in “Science” mode. Review of the noise results by Tim Gates indicates that there are some modules reporting higher noise levels compared to measurements taken by Gates in early 2012 and may warrant a closer investigation

Falkor 2012 Multibeam Echosounder System Review

RV Falkor is equipped with Kongsberg Maritime (KM) EM302 and EM710 multibeam echosounders (MBES). Both systems underwent Sea Acceptance Trials (SATs) in May 2012 in Sognefjord, Norway. The bathymetric and topographic constraints imposed by the fjord limited the ability to fully test the EM302. Additional system testing was conducted during a second set of trials while in transit from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK to Nuuk, Greenland in July 2012.

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