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Marcus G. Langseth

Marcus G. Langseth

Marcus G. Langseth

Langseth 2012 Quality Assurance Report

Multibeam System:




Patch Test Results

Latency Test
– No change needed
Roll Test
– Applied additional offset of -0.065
– Resulting Roll Offset -0.575
Pitch Test
– No change needed
Heading Test
– Applied offset of -0.2
– Resulting Heading&Offset:&L0.2&

Langseth 2011 Acoustic Test Report

R/V MARCUS G. LANGSETH’s acoustic signature was successfully measured during this acoustic test. The levels of the EM 122 were controlled by propeller cavitation. The quietest vessel condition/speed was when the controllable pitch propellers were set to 85 percent pitch with an engine speed of 600 RPM. This yielded a ship speed of 10 knots and a sonar level of 52 dB. The seismic system created high levels when it was operating.

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