2019 R/V Armstrong EM710 Calibration

Multibeam System:




Executive Summary

  1. Calibrations (‘patch tests’) were planned for the EM710 and EM122 multibeam echosounders on R/V Neil Armstrong in the vicinity of the continental shelf break south of WHOI for opportunistic testing in 2019. These tests were scheduled for AR41 in November; due to elevated sea state, AR41 was shortened and the EM122 calibration was removed from the schedule. After review of the system geometry and POS MV GAMS antenna calibration, the EM710 patch test was performed amid other science goals in the condensed schedule.
  2. EM710 calibration results were small, indicating stable system performance and no significant changes since the Sea Acceptance Testing (AR0103) in early 2016. Sea state had settled substantially prior to calibration at the EM710 site and did not significantly impact results.
  3. EM710 and EM122 data were collected during transits up and down the continental shelf to assess swath width versus depth. The transit data were impacted by sea state and may not be fully representative of system performance under more typical mapping conditions.
  4. TX Channels and RX Channels BIST data were collected for the EM710 and EM122 to assess hardware health; these data showed no significant changes since the 2016 installation. RX Noise data (e.g., versus speed, machinery, heading) were not collected during AR41 due to sea state.
  5. Sound Speed Manager was updated and configured to send profiles to the EM710 and EM122
  6. For additional background information, please refer to the Sea Acceptance Trials report attached to this page


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