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2021 R/V Thomas G. Thompson EM302 QAT

Cruise ID: TN386
Multibeam System: EM302
Dates: January, 2021

  1. The R/V Thomas G. Thompson (TGT) underwent a dry dock maintenance period during winter 2020-21, including work to the propulsion (Z-drive) system
  2. The Multibeam Advisory Committee (MAC) was asked to assist with quality assurance testing (QAT) following the dry dock period, with the primary aim of calibrating (‘patch testing’) the vessel’s EM302 with the primary POS MV; the EM302 was calibrated with the primary POS MV navigation systems during the SAT in January, 2018, and it was reported that no modifications have been made to any mapping sensors since then
  3. Due to travel restrictions, the MAC provided remote support for planning and data analysis; shipboard technicians coordinated data acquisition, updated software, and provided information for reporting
  4. Planning followed the standard MAC QAT checklist, prioritizing post-shipyard performance checks within the scheduling constraints of a transit from Seattle to San Diego; the QAT plan included hardware health testing, noise testing, and calibration using proven sites off the Channel Islands (primary) and San Diego (backup)
  5. This report describes the procedures and results of hardware health testing, noise testing, and calibration at the Channel Islands site, with recommendations for future data collection
  6. The 2018 SAT report includes a full review of system geometry and other references, available on the MAC website at

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