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2023 R/V Langseth EM122 QAT Report

Cruise ID: MGL2301
Multibeam System: EM122
Dates: February 2-5, 2023

  1. The R/V Marcus G. Langseth (MGL) received a comprehensive new survey of vessel and sensor offsets in 2022 as part of a reconfiguration and performance assessment of its EM122 multibeam mapping system
  1. In 2022, the MAC was asked to assist with conducting a full Quality Assurance Test (QAT) during a transit of opportunity; this was completed during a transit from Tampa to Galveston in early 2023, with the MAC working alongside LDEO personnel for all planning, data collection, and analyses
  1. This report describes the procedures and results for system geometry review, hardware health monitoring, RX noise characterization, geometric calibrations (‘patch tests’), accuracy testing, and swath coverage assessment, with recommendations for future data collection
  1. Planning followed the standard MAC SAT/QAT checklist, starting with hardware health and noise testing to verify functionality; calibration, accuracy, and coverage test plans were developed along the Florida Escarpment to minimize transit time from Tampa

As part of the QAT, major updates were made to the Seapath 330, POS MV V5, and EM122 configurations to reflect the high-quality survey by Westlake Consultants and bring all sensors into a unified mapping reference frame; see System Geometry for more details of the Westlake survey and translation for the mapping system

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