Hugh R. Sharp 2012 Sea Acceptance Report

The Reson 7125 system is correctly installed and integrated with the POSMV and Hypack acquisition system and there is no indication of errors in the integration of the systems. There remains uncertainty in the absolute accuracy of the depths due to the inadequately documented sonar z-offset calculation. High quality surveys were collected during the cruise immediately following Hurricane Sandy (Nov. 10, 2012) and attest to the quality of the installation and the integration of the survey system components.

The system was seen to suffer from bubble wash down effects during the pre-Hurricane Sandy survey where wind speed was steadily increasing. Further testing should be done to better appreciate the degradation of data quality with wind speed and sea state. These types of studies, which can typically be done in less than one day, lead to improved ability to assess whether or not the system will be limited by weather conditions and can aid in management of survey system assets and can help answer questions like “should we even bother going out in this weather?”. The MAC is prepared to contribute personnel for planning, acquisition, processing and analysis if time for testing can be arranged.

The range of depths encountered throughout the testing trials did not exceed the maximum range of the system. It is recommended to obtain data over a larger range of depths to better understand the range limitations of the system for both 200 kHz and 400 kHz modes and to establish practical working limits for the system. The MAC is committed to providing personnel for these additional tests if they are desired.

Due to the shortened technician training period, it is recommended that follow up training be sought on the operation of the Reson 7125. The MAC can provide training and/or can provide recommendations for different training solutions. The training should be Reson specific as this type of sounder requires much more involved planning and operation as compared to sounders on deep-water vessels in the US academic research fleet.

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