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2012 Kilo Moana Quality Assurance Report

Cruise ID: KM1204
Multibeam System: EM122/EM710
Dates: March 13-22, 2012

The point of the QAT visit was to help the host institution in developing protocols and practices that are conducive to the acquisition of high quality multibeam data. Even with a finely tuned and calibrated survey system, it is still possible to collect poor quality data through poor choice of operational system parameters, etc. Software tools to aid in this regard were deployed and documentation was prepared that can help return the system to a healthy configuration such that the institution can recover from a sub-optimal system configuration. Current awareness of the importance of maintaining a “chain of custody” on the survey system geometry is high. It is recommended that procedures and training be given to all technical staff to maintain awareness of the fact that changes to the system geometry must be adequately documented.

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