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2015 Kilo Moana EM122 MBES Review

Cruise ID: KM1514
Multibeam System: EM122
Dates: August 9-13, 2015

The R/V Kilo Moana undertook an engineering shakedown leg (KM1514) in order to assess acoustic noise issues documented during the KM1505 Quality Assessment Visit (QAT) conducted by the Multibeam Advisory Committee (MAC) in April, 2015 and documented in that report (see R/V Kilo Moana, EM122 and EM710 Multibeam Echosounder System Review, KM1505 April 28 – 30, 2015). Undertaking this assessment were Vicki Ferrini and Paul Johnson as the MAC Quality Assessment Team, Tim Gates and Marisa Yearta as the Noise Assessment Team, Scott Ferguson representing the University of Hawaii’s Ocean Technology Group (OTG), and Chuck Hohing and Travis Eliasen representing Kongsberg Maritime.

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