NOAA Ship Rainier 2013 Multibeam System Review

Sensor geometry reconfiguration was successfully completed and tested on Rainier and a 14 ms orientation time delay was applied in SIS to accommodate an observed latency in the transmission of motion data from the POSMV to SIS. We feel that these two modifications will improve the data quality with the geometry reconfiguration allowing for successful application of TrueHeave in post-processing and the time-delay configuration improving the data quality of soundings as corrected in real-time by SIS. Minor changes to TrueHeave and SBET importing into CARIS will allow for application of the time delay such that the POSMV and SIS data streams are synchronized.

Whereas it was not possible to test the survey system as a whole in high pitch conditions, we feel that these configuration changes will allow for field personnel to conduct additional troubleshooting if necessary without residual artifacts being masked by the problems associated with applying TrueHeave. Given the limited sea state in which we could test the system during the ship visit, it is possible that residual artifacts remain to be explored. Given the severity and nature of residual artifacts observed by both Beaudoin and Byrne in separate data reviews of 2012 field season data, we cannot confidently claim that we have fully resolved ALL problems associated with Rainier’s mapping systems. This being said, we feel that the configuration changes made to the ship’s systems will allow all investigators, including ship personnel, to undertake troubleshooting activities on the same footing. This will hopefully allow for a quick resolution of residual problems, if there are any.

Additional data were collected in various configurations to explore the potential causes of residual artifacts, however, these are not examined in this report. Future findings from these data sets, if any, will be reported in a timely manner to ship personnel and will also be communicated to the manufacturer.

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