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2016 Sikuliaq Calibration Report

Cruise ID: SKQ201602S
Multibeam System: EM302/EM710
Dates: March 7-12, 2016

The R/V Sikuliaq is equipped with Kongsberg Maritime (KM) EM302 (30 kHz) and EM710 (70-100 kHz) multibeam echosounders and a Seapath 320 positioning and attitude system with C-NAV DGNSS auxiliary input. These systems were reviewed by the Multibeam Advisory Committee (MAC) and personnel from NOAA, the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF), and Kongsberg Maritime (KM) during sea acceptance trials (SAT) in August 2014. No major modifications were made to the multibeam systems following the SAT until a drydock period in early 2016, during which the Seapath 320 GPS antenna separation was increased to approximately 2.5 m to better satisfy KM installation suggestions. The C-NAV GCGPS antenna was also relocated from a lower position to between the Seapath antennas to improve its sky view.

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