Tool: Sound Velocity Profile (SVP) Editor [v.1.0.2] [Deprecated]

This tool is no longer supported by the MAC, please use the SSP Library & Manager


SVP Editor requires the installation of three components:
1. Python2.6, along with a small set of additional python modules.
2. The SVP Editor source code and supporting libraries.
3. The World Ocean Atlas of 2009 (WOA09) data set, available online from the National Oceanographic Data Center. Also available at the UNH/CCOM FTP site as a single .zip file.

Download PDF describing use of SVP Editor while acquiring data during transits.


1. Download and familiarize yourself with the SVP Editor manual (v.1.0.2). This will tell you how to install and configure python and the SVP Editor.
2. Download the file. This is used to install python and all necessary modules on your computer.
3. Download the file. This holds the source code scripts for SVP Editor.
4. Visit the UNH/CCOM FTP site for the World Ocean Atlas 2009 data set:


5. Open the SVP Editor manual and follow instructions for installation.

For help, bug reports, feedback or suggestions, please contact us at mac-­

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