2024 R/V Armstrong EM712/EM124 SAT

Cruise ID: AR81-02 Multibeam System: EM124/EM712 Dates: March 14-20, 2024 R/V Neil Armstrong (AR) received several significant upgrades to its multibeam mapping systems during the 2023-24 winter shipyard period in Charleston, South Carolina Primary upgrades included: Replacement of the original EM122 with an EM124 (1.0° TX / 2.0° RX) Replacement of the original EM710 with an EM712 (0.5° TX / 1.0° RX) Installation of a Seapath 380-R3 navigation system with a MGC-R3 Comprehensive new survey of vessel and sensor offsets by Aegis Metrology Installation of new permanent benchmarks at strategic hull locations The MAC was asked to assist with conducting Sea Acceptance Testing (SAT) of the new EM124 and EM712 systems using the Seapath 380-R3; SAT work for a new SBP29 was carried out in tandem by other teams Due to schedule constraints, the MAC provided remote support from shore throughout the SAT; the on-board mapping team included SSSG personnel

2024 R/V Revelle EM712/EM124 QAT

Cruise ID: RR2401 Multibeam System: EM712/EM124 Dates: February 12, 2024 During the winter 2023-24 maintenance period, the R/V Roger Revelle (RR) underwent significant engine work and received a new Seapath 380 receiver and HMI (the MRU 5+ and antennas were not modified) The Multibeam Advisory Committee (MAC) was asked to assist with routine Quality Assurance Testing (QAT) for the ship’s multibeam echosounders; due to scheduling conflicts, the MAC provided remote support for planning and data analysis leading up to and throughout the QAT Planning followed the standard MAC SAT/QAT checklist, starting with configuration review, hardware health, and noise testing following the engine work; calibrations for both systems were carried out at proven sites near San Diego used by a variety of vessels (e.g., 2023 Sally Ride EM124 and EM712 QAT) Dockside configuration reviews indicated a rollback to outdated offsets for the EM124 (e.g., potentially by loading an older PU parameters