Technical Teams

While the MAC will meet annually to promote communication and provide technical advice on how to address various issues that may arise, the technical teams of the MAC will have additional responsibilities each year. The activities of the technical teams are designed to complement one another while focusing on specific aspects of multibeam system performance and assessment. Members of each technical team will participate in field operations and/or visit vessels to assist ship operators in assessing system performance. The technical teams will not only provide direct assistance to Operators, but they will promote communication between the Operators, the MAC, and the broader community of stakeholders.

MAC At Sea Calendar
Multibeam sonars aboard the U.S. Academic Fleet

Technical Teams:

  • Sea Acceptance Team (SAT): Participates in Sea Acceptance Trials (SATs) for new systems and system upgrades, and offers a uniform approach to SAT procedures as well as tools (beyond what manufacturer provides) to troubleshoot problems in real or near real-time.
  • Acoustic Noise Team (ANT): Conducts baseline testing and analysis of acoutic noise properties of vessels, and provides that information to the MAC for archiving and dissemination.
  • Quality Assurance Team (QAT): Provides Tools & Resources to help with high-quality multibeam data acquisition.

The MAC generally starts with a ‘standard’ SAT/QAT checklist that is modified for each vessel’s testing priorities, schedules, and operating areas.