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2014 QAT Review of R2R MBQA Tests


The Rolling Deck to Repository (R2R) Program has developed programmatic quality assessment (QA) routines intended to identify suspicious data that may indicate sensor and/or operational problems. In order to assess the results of these QA tests and seek fleet-wide patterns in system performance and operation, this page provides an initial summary the results of R2R Multibeam QA tests for all sonar systems.

The results of QA tests are indicated by color, Green = No suspicious data, Yellow = Suspicious data identified, Red = Significant problem identified. Plots are interactive – mouse over columns for more information. The following plot summarizes all QA test results for MB data acquired since 2011. Columns that have fewer results indicate that that test was not run for all filesets.

Based on current R2R Multibeam Quality Assessment tests, there are no serious systematic warnings associated with multibeam data quality over the full period of data assessed. Recurring warnings that warrant further investigation are associated with:

  • Across-track beam noise
  • Mean across-track slope (may indicate roll bias)
  • Lack of surface sound velocity
  • Bad navigational fixes
  • Drop-outs in backscatter values

Ongoing reviews of R2R MBQA results will be used to determine the significance of these potential problems.