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Assessment Tools

Multibeam echosounder assessment tools under development for public distribution to the ocean mapping community. Each tool is a standalone Python application (.exe), frozen with all required libraries using pyinstaller. Current development is focused on Kongsberg system performance and data formats, as used widely throughout the UNOLS and NOAA fleets. Supported by the NSF-funded Multibeam Advisory Committee and NOAA.

Multibeam assessment tools described here include:

  1. Swath Coverage Plotter v0.2.3
  2. Swath Accuracy Plotter v0.1.0
  3. BIST Plotter v0.2.1
  4. File Trimmer v0.1.5

The standalone Python apps are available through several avenues for different users:

  1. Typical users: each app is packaged with all libraries and zipped for easy download on Google Drive (with version notes).
    1. Just download, unzip, and run the .exe (similar to Sound Speed Manager).
    2. The zipped packages are not available through GitHub due to file size limits.
  2. GitHub users: apps and libraries are packaged in the multibeam_tools_distribution repository.
    1. Due to GitHub’s file size limits, these are not zipped and may be more cumbersome to download for normal use.
  3. Python folks: source code is available in the multibeam_tools repository.

Example tools:

Read More: GitHub