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Swath Coverage Analysis

Swath coverage performance can be evaluated by extracting the outermost port and starboard soundings to compute swath width from data acquired in a variety of water depths. Swath coverage testing data acquired specifically for this purpose should extend from deep water to shallow water with the ship traveling orthogonal to the slope. Alternately, data from an entire cruise can be used to assess effective swath width.

In order to calculate the maximum swath width as a function of depth, data should be collected as follows:


  • automatic angular coverage mode
  • automatic depth mode
  • FM transmit mode
  • at typical survey speeds
  • perpendicular to the slope of the seafloor

If data acquired do not meet these criteria, they may not fully represent the maximum achievable swath width.

Example transit line used for swath coverage analysis during KM1514 extending from 4,700m depth to 300 m depth

EM122 coverage achieved during KM1514. Data points are the outermost port and starboard soundings from each ping. Colors of the points are based on the backscatter strengths of the contributing soundings.