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2019 E/V Nautilus Quality Assessment Report

Cruise ID: NA105
Multibeam System: EM302
Dates: January 18-21, 2021

  • Heading into the 2019 operating season, the EM302 and associated sensors aboard the E/V Nautilusare working very well compared to the 2018 NA093 Quality Assurance Test (QAT) and earlier shipboard assessments.
  • The EM302 was calibrated for residual angular offsets using the Seapath 330-5+ as the primary positioning/attitude system. The NA105 patch test revealed only very slight pitch and roll adjustments were required. These biases were entered into the SIS installation parameters for Attitude 1, COM2/UPD5, and should not be changed unless modifications are made to the system or there is evidence that another ‘patch test’ is necessary. If any changes are made please notify Johnson for amendment of this report.

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