2020 Kilo Moana EM122/EM710 QAT

Multibeam System:





KM 2020 QAT Planning Overview

  • The University of Hawaii’s UNOLS vessel R/V Kilo Moana(KM) is equipped with Kongsberg Maritime EM122 and EM710 multibeam echosounders and an ApplanixPOS MV-320 v5 Ocean Master positioning / attitude system
  • The Multibeam Advisory Committee (MAC) was asked to assist with Quality Assurance Testing (QAT) of the ship’s multibeam echosoundersahead of the 2020 field season; due to widespread travel restrictions, MAC personnel provided remote support for line planning and data analysis from shore
  • MAC communication with KM personnel (Julianna Diehl) commenced in January 2020 with planning for calibrations (‘patch tests’) for both systems off the coast of Oregon and opportunistic testing of EM hardware health and RX noise levels over a range of speeds
  • The calibration test plan was developed with proven calibration sites used previously by the R/V Marcus G. Langseth(EM122) and R/V Falkor(EM710)
  • This report describes the calibration results and implementation in SIS, as well as opportunistic system hardware health and noise testing performed pre-and post-shipyard
    The granite block remains the origin for all sensor reference frames; POS MV output is valid at the granite block
  • POS MV, EM122, and EM710 configurations are based on vessel surveys performed by BLOM (2005), IMTEC (2012), and Westlake (2015), with appropriate modifications based on calibration results
  • Refer to MAC reports (mac.unols.org) for documentation of all system geometry and modifications since 2012
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