2024 R/V Sikuliaq EM304 MKII/EM710 SAT

Cruise ID: SKQ202403S Multibeam System: EM304 MKII/EM710 Dates: February 2024 R/V Sikuliaq (SKQ) received several significant upgrades to its multibeam mapping systems during the 2023-24 winter shipyard period in Seward, Alaska Conditions in the shipyard were extreme and complicated all work related to these upgrades; although many components of the winter work package were curtailed by these conditions, the UAF and Kongsberg teams completed all major mapping priority projects: Complete replacement of the original EM302 with an EM304 MKII system (0.5° TX / 1.0° RX) Addition of one Seapath 380-R3 navigation systems with a primary MGC serving the ship and mapping systems; a secondary MGC also serve the ship and acts as a spare for the Seapath 380 / mapping system Comprehensive new survey of vessel and sensor offsets by Westlake Consultants Installation of new permanent benchmarks at strategic hull locations Planned replacement of the EM710 RX array was not

2023 R/V Healy EM122 QAT Report

Cruise ID: HLY23TAMultibeam System: EM122Dates: May 23 – July 13, 2023 The USCGC Healy (HLY) is equipped with a Kongsberg Maritime EM122 multibeam echosounder (1° TX x 2° RX) with Seapath 330+ (primary) and Applanix Oceanmaster POS MV (secondary) navigation systems The original EM122 RX array modules on USCGC Healy were found to be failing during recent impedance testing; these modules were replaced with lightly used units (donated from a NAVO vessel undergoing an EM124 upgrade) during the 2022-23 maintenance period at Mare Island Dry Dock in Vallejo, CA The Multibeam Advisory Committee (MAC) was asked to assist with Quality Assurance Testing (QAT) of the ship’s multibeam echosounder and Sea Acceptance Testing (SAT) of the ‘new’ RX array ahead of the 2023 field season; due to scheduling constraints, MAC personnel provided remote support for line planning and data analysis Attached Documents Report: HEALY_2023_EM122_QAT_report_v1p0Download Related Information Vessel Data at R2R

2023 R/V Kilo Moana EM122/EM710 QAT Report

Vessel ID: R/V Kilo Moana Multibeam System: EM122/EM710 Dates: March 21-22, 2023 KM 2023 QAT Executive Summary The University of Hawaii’s UNOLS vessel R/V Kilo Moana (KM) is equipped with Kongsberg Maritime EM122 and EM710 multibeam echosounders and an Applanix POS MV-320 V5 Ocean Master navigation system R/V Kilo Moana conducted pre-season Quality Assurance Testing (QAT) for the EM122 and EM710 multibeam mapping systems during gear trials over March 21-22, 2023 Because no hardware changes were made to the mapping systems since the 2022 post-shipyard QAT, the limited time available for the 2023 QAT was used to conduct deepwater accuracy testing and noise testing to build on the 2022 QAT (i.e., no new patch tests) Pre- and post-shipyard noise testing conducted in March and May 2022 had indicated elevated but stable noise levels the previous field season (see 2022 report) RX noise testing in October 2022 revealed significant increases in

2023 R/V Sikuliaq EM302/EM710 QAT Report

Cruise ID: SKQ202306T Multibeam System: EM302/EM710 Dates: April 11, 2023 The University of Alaska’s UNOLS vessel R/V Sikuliaq (SKQ) is equipped with Kongsberg Maritime EM302 andEM710 multibeam echosounders and a Seapath 320 positioning / attitude system Following a routine maintenance visit from Kongsberg to SKQ in January, the Multibeam Advisory Committee(MAC) was asked to assist with Quality Assurance Testing (QAT) of the ship’s EM302 and EM710 ahead of the2023 field season; MAC personnel provided remote support for line planning and data analysis from shore MAC communication with SKQ personnel (Ethan Roth) commenced in winter 2022-23 with planning forcalibrations (‘patch tests’) for both systems at two proven calibration sites off Washington: EM302 at a site used by R/V Thomas G.

2022 Kilo Moana EM122/EM710 QAT Report

Vessel ID: R/V Kilo MoanaMultibeam System: EM122/EM710Dates: May 22, 2022 R/V Kilo Moana conducted pre-season Quality Assurance Testing for the EM122 and EM710 multibeam mapping systems, following a series of POS MV troubleshooting steps and a dry dock maintenance period Pre- and post-shipyard noise testing indicated stable/acceptable noise levels and no damage in the shipyard A multibeam sensor geometry review and POS MV GAMS antenna calibration proceeded normally prior to geometric calibrations (‘patch tests’) at proven sites off Oahu (used previously by multiple vessels) Calibration adjustments were reasonably small and applied after data collection Swath coverage was assessed for the EM122 using transit data, indicating trends similar to previous years Swath artifacts were noted for each system, which may be addressed by software/firmware updates and some runtime setting adjustments; the MAC is available to review additional data to try to identify the root causes Following the 2022 QAT, the MAC

Sally Ride

Vessel InformationTypeResearch VesselOperatorScripps Institution of OceanographyFlagUSAMMSI369140000Sonar System InformationKongsberg EM124(12 kHz)Kongsberg EM712(40 to 100 kHz)Related LinksCruise CatalogR2R Quality Assessment Technical Reports 2023 R/V Sally Ride EM124/EM712 QAT Cruise ID: SR2307Multibeam System: EM124/EM712Dates: April 4-5, 2023 Executive Summary Attached Documents Report: Related InformationRead More 2021 Sally Ride EM124-SAT EM712-QAT Cruise ID: SR2104 Multibeam System: EM124/EM712 Dates: June 27 – July 7, 2021 The R/V Sally Ride (SR) received an upgrade of its EM122 topside electronics (installed 2016) to new EM124 hardware and installation of a new SBP29 subbottom profiling system during the 2020-21 maintenance period.

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