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2017 NOAA Ship Bell M. Shimada Hypack/ME70 Integration

Vessel: R/V Bell Shimada
System: Hypack/ ME70
Dates: March, 2017

This report documents the current configuration of the Hypack/ ME70 system for use in seafloor mapping. This includes the installation and configuration of the ME70 and ancillary systems; validate the current Hypack implementation of the ME70 bottom detection code; and operational guidance to the operators of this system. We accomplished the validation work while the ship was alongside the Marine Operations Center in Newport, OR and acquired the underway portions during a transit from Newport, OR to San Diego, CA. While we have used the Multibeam Sonar Acceptance Procedures as a framework for this analysis, the tests and analysis contained in this report were opportunistic and do not constitute system acceptance work for routine hydrographic survey work as outlined in the Hydrographic Surveys Division Technical Directive on configuration management.

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