2024 R/V David Packard EM304 MKII SAT

Cruise ID: R/V David Packard Multibeam System: EM304 MKII Dates: February 15-17, 2024 R/V David Packard undertook a series of sea acceptance trials (SAT) for the ship’s new Seapath 380 / MGC-R3 navigation system and EM304 MKII multibeam echosounder in the vicinity of Vigo, Spain between 15-17 Feb 2024; a combination of contract SAT activities were completed by Kongsberg for Freire Shipyard in tandem with independent pre-SAT and SAT assessments conducted by Johnson and Jerram for MBARI Two important factors will impact performance of this particular EM304 MKII: The high voltage power supply has been reduced by Kongsberg from 130V to 105V to avoid damages observed with other EM304 MKII and EM124 systems; the impacts on performance are not clear at this point, and these concerns have been noted in the signed SAT documents with Kongsberg The ice windows cause acoustic attenuation during TX and RX that will reduce the

Bat Galim

Technical Reports Vessel InformationTypeResearch VesselOperatorIsrael Oceanographic & Limnological ResearchFlagIsraelMMSI428067000Sonar System InformationKongsberg EM302(30 kHz, 140°, 2x2° beams) 2016 Bat Galim Acoustic Test Report Cruise ID: AT43-02 Multibeam System: EM124/Seapath 380 Dates: July 18-21, 2021 The R/V Atlantis replaced its EM122 multibeam echosounder with an EM124 upgrade during the 2020-21 midlife refit period; a Seapath 380 position/attitude system was installed to replace the PHINS as the primary feed to the multibeam mapping system.

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