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2016 Hugh R. Sharp QAT Visit

Cruise ID: HRS1602
Multibeam System: Reson 7125
Dates: March 21-23, 2016

The R/V Hugh R. Sharp is equipped with a Reson 7125 SVP2 (200/400 kHz) multibeam echosounder installed on a drop keel and an Applanix POS-MV 320 positioning and attitude system. Traditionally, survey planning and data acquisition are handled using Hypack HYSWEEP software installed on the RESON acquisition machine. These systems were reviewed by personnel from the Multibeam Advisory Committee (MAC), University of Delaware (UDEL), and Reson during sea acceptance trials in October 2012 with satisfactory results and have been used for very high quality mapping exercises (e.g., evaluation of bedform migration at the ‘Redbird Reef’ artificial reef site before and after major storms).

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