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2014 Nautilus Spring Quality Assessment Report

Cruise ID: NA040
Multibeam System: EM302
Dates: May 4-9, 2014

  • As it stands now, the EM302 and associated sensors are working well as compared to other EM302s evaluated recently. The patch test revealed very slight residual angular offsets, indicating a successful reinstallation of the MRU and no apparent change to any other component of the system.
  • Refraction did play a role in limiting the ability to best quantify the accuracy of the system through the reference surface cross lines. When the survey site was selected, SVP ‘weather maps’ indicated a relatively stable water mass. Unfortunately, by the time of the test, the water mass had become relatively complex. During normal mapping missions (or future system testing) in regions of high water column variability, it will be necessary to collect XBT casts more frequently in order to collect higher quality bathymetric data with reduced refraction artifacts. This will be especially true for line spacing greater than 1 water depth (+/-­‐ 45° angular swath width).

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