Marcus G. Langseth

Vessel Information
TypeResearch Vessel
OperatorLamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Sonar System InformationKongsberg EM122
(12 kHz, 150° swath, 1x1° beams)
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R2R Quality Assessment

Technical Reports

  • 2012 Langseth Quality Assurance Report

    Cruise ID: MGL1214 Multibeam System: EM122 Dates: August 01, 2012 Patch Test ResultsLatency Test– No change neededRoll Test– Applied additional offset of -0.065– Resulting Roll Offset -0.575Pitch Test– No change neededHeading Test– Applied offset of -0.2– Resulting Heading&Offset:&L0.2& Attached Documents Report: Pre-Cruise Analysis: Related Information Cruise Data at R2R

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  • 2011 Marcus G. Langseth Acoustic Test Report

    Cruise ID: R/V Marcus G. Langseth Multibeam System: EM122 Dates: February 04-07, 2011 The R/V Atlantis replaced its EM122 multibeam echosounder with an EM124 upgrade during the 2020-21 R/V MARCUS G. LANGSETH’s acoustic signature was successfully measured during this acoustic test. The levels of the EM 122 were controlled by propeller cavitation. The quietest vessel […]

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