Neil Armstrong

Vessel Information
TypeResearch Vessel
OperatorWoods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Sonar System InformationKongsberg EM122
(12 kHz, 150°, 1x1° beams)
Kongsberg EM710
(70 kHz, 140°, 0.5x1° beams)
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Technical Reports

  • 2020 Neil Armstrong EM122 and EM710 Calibration

    Cruise ID: AR42-02 Multibeam System: EM122/EM710 Dates: February 26-27 2020  1. Calibrations (‘patch tests’) were planned for the EM122 and EM710 multibeam echosounders on R/V Neil Armstrong during AR42-02 following the winter 2019-20 maintenance period. Calibration sites were developed opportunistically along a transit route in the vicinity of the western Florida escarpment.2. The EM710 was most recently…

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  • 2019 Neil Armstrong EM710 Calibration

    Cruise ID: AR41 Multibeam System: EM710 Dates: November 18-22, 2019  Calibrations (‘patch tests’) were planned for the EM710 and EM122 multibeam echosounders on R/V NeilArmstrong in the vicinity of the continental shelf break south of WHOI for opportunistic testing in 2019. These tests were scheduled for AR41 in November; due to elevated sea state, AR41 was shortened…

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  • 2016 Neil Armstrong Sea Acceptance Trails

    Cruise ID: AR03-01 Multibeam System: EM122/EM710 Dates: February 10-17, 2016  The R/V Neil Armstrong is a new vessel operated by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI)equipped with Kongsberg Maritime (KM) EM122 (12 kHz) and EM710 (70-100 kHz) multibeamechosounders. The hardware installation, calibration, software configuration, and performance of thesesystems were evaluated during a sea acceptance trial involving WHOI, KM,…

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